About Grace Doctrine Church

Grace Doctrine Church was founded in 1975 under the laws of the State of Missouri as a nondenominational local church and is a separate organization from Joe Griffin Media Ministries.  The purpose of the church is to evangelize the lost by presenting the gospel of faith alone in Christ alone and to teach biblical truth to the saved through a literal, grammatical, and historical analysis of Scripture.  Its theological statement, Forty Proclamations: The Theology of Grace Doctrine Church, is available on request by writing the address below.  To print out the document from this site, click here.

Pastor:  Joe Griffin became pastor of GDC in January 1985.  He came to St. Louis from Houston, Texas, where he received his theological training as a pastoral candidate at Berachah Church under the tutelage of Rev. R. B. Thieme, Jr.  He was licensed for the ministry by Berachah’s Board of Deacons in March 1981 and ordained by Berachah’s Ordaining Council in May 1987.  His lessons are developed from literal, grammatical, historical analysis of the biblical text from which are developed expanded translations, categories of doctrine, and practical principles designed to enable the congregation to utilize divine guidance for the execution of the Christian way of life.  Pastor Griffin is a native of Troy, Alabama, and a graduate of the University of Alabama.

Schedule:  Bible classes are taught on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7:30 P.M. (CT) and on Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11:00 A.M. (CT).  Prayer meeting; Sunday mornings at 10:50 A.M. (CT).  Eucharist: usually on the second Sunday of the month at 9:30 A.M. (CT).  The current schedule can be found on the home page or in the monthly bulletin.

Prep School:  GDC provides biblical instruction for children on their level of comprehension.  Junior Prep School is provided for children ages Kindergarten to 8 years old; Senior Prep School is provided for children 9 and up.  Each of these classes meets Sunday’s only in conjunction with the adult services.

Nursery:  A nursery is provided for children ages 0 through 4.  We prefer parents provide necessary items for diaper changes for children not potty trained.  The nursery staff does not administer medications.  The nursery is provided on Sunday’s only.

Membership:  GCD never solicits membership.  Please contact the board of deacons for membership information.