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No Bible ClassThursday 24-Apr-14 07:00 PM
Bible ClassSunday 27-Apr-14 09:30 AM
Bible ClassWednesday 30-Apr-14 07:00 PM



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CR13-6220-Apr-14Vicarious Sacrifice
CR13-6120-Apr-14Vicarious Sacrifice
CR13-6017-Apr-14Vicarious Sacrifice
CR13-5916-Apr-14Vicarious Sacrifice
CR13-5813-Apr-14Vicarious Sacrifice






 Announcements & News

MP3 Fulfillment Back in Operation

The upgrades for Media Ministries’ MP3
recording facilities have been completed.  The results allow faster reproduction with higher quality audio and label quality.  The back orders are now in the mail and should be arriving at subscribers’ mailboxes soon.

To order MP3recordings of Bible classes, or for publications, manuscripts, and visuals, please send your order and mailing address to:

Joe Griffin Media Ministries
1821 South River Road
St. Charles, MO  63303-4124