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Bible ClassSunday 31-Jul-16 09:30 AM
Bible ClassWednesday 03-Aug-16 07:30 PM
Bible ClassThursday 04-Aug-16 07:30 PM
Bible ClassSunday 07-Aug-16 09:30 AM



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CR14-23614-Jul-16Is Jesus the Messiah?: Analysis of Acts 2:33- The Ascension and Session of Christ; The Signal Event ...
CR14-23513-Jul-16Is Jesus the Messiah?: Acts 2:32- Principles Central to Witnessing; The Power and Effectiveness of ...
CR14-23410-Jul-16Is Jesus the Messiah?: Analysis of Acts 2:32; Doctrine of Witnessing- Common and Efficacious Grace ...
CR14-23310-Jul-16Is Jesus the Messiah?: Eucharist; Analysis of Acts 2:32; Importance of Biblical Exegesis; Witnesses ...
CR14-23207-Jul-16Is Jesus the Messiah?: Acts 2:31; David and the Apostles' Understanding of Dispensational Distincti ...







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