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Bible ClassSunday 29-Nov-15 09:30 PM
Bible ClassWednesday 02-Dec-15 07:30 PM
Bible ClassThursday 03-Dec-15 07:30 PM
Bible ClassSunday 06-Dec-15 09:30 PM
Bible ClassWednesday 09-Dec-15 07:30 PM
Bible ClassThursday 10-Dec-15 07:30 PM



 Recent Classes

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CR14-13722-Nov-15Is Jesus the Messiah?: Cosmic II - The Hatred Complex; Paul Challenges the Thessalonians Recall of T ...
CR14-13619-Nov-15Is Jesus the Messiah?: Cosmic II - The Hatred Complex; Review the Rapture and the Beast Dictator's E ...
CR14-13518-Nov-15Is Jesus the Messiah?: Cosmic II - The Hatred Complex; Beast Dictator Review; Abomination of Desolat ...
CR14-13415-Nov-15Is Jesus the Messiah?: Cosmic II - The Hatred Complex; Ascendency and Deification of the Beast Dicta ...







Christmas Card Available

In December of 2012, Pastor Griffin concluded his Christmas message by reciting the poem “The Sign,” which describes the events of Luke 2:7–14.  Later, an anonymous donor commissioned a painting by artist Scott Carson that visually depicts the passage.  The painting The Sign and the poem “The Sign” are now framed and hang in the auditorium of Grace Doctrine Church.

Joe Griffin Media Ministries has made these two works available to download as a Christmas card.  You may choose from two options: (1) download and printout from your home printer or (2) have this done professionally.

If you choose the latter, we recommend you consider Overnight Prints ( 

Click here to download the files for the Christmas card and for a tutorial on how to order from Overnight Prints should you choose that option.

If you choose to use the option to Overnight Prints, there is a charge for the cards you order.  However, neither Joe Griffin Media Ministries nor Grace Doctrine Church is associated in any way with Overnight Prints monetarily or otherwise.


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